Commerzbank presence in Switzerland

We are your partner for corporate banking in Switzerland. Benefit from our long-standing experience and uniform service model.

From Switzerland into the world’s markets – with the international expertise of Commerzbank. With our locations in Switzerland now totalling six, Commerzbank is a strategic partner for the national and international business of corporate customers. We are now also offering our successful and proven relationship management model to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Switzerland with turnover of at least CHF 15 million.
Swiss companies also benefit from regional proximity – we now have offices in Basel, Berne, Lausanne, Lucerne and St. Gallen as well as in Zurich.


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Benefits for you

  • Professional support in foreign trade and export financing
  • German-speaking advisors at the German desks of all international Commerzbank locations
  • Uniform global customer relationship management model: Personal advisors are also the first point of contact for international business and coordinate the use of globally active relationship managers and specialists on the basis of their knowledge of your requirements and wishes.

Our profile

Great expertise for corporate customers

Commerzbank regards itself as a reliable strategic partner and competent and service-oriented financial services provider for corporate customers, both regionally and internationally. Our goal is to be the best bank for companies in the heart of Europe.

That’s why we established the Mittelstandsbank of Commerzbank ten years ago and have focused consistently on the needs of corporate customers since then. Customer proximity and understanding of customer requirements, technical expertise, a high level of willingness to provide financing, an international focus and extensive market and industry expertise have made us a competent principal banker that develops convincing solutions to every challenge.

We are able to do this because we are closer – to our customers and their markets, to their wishes and expectations and to the best solutions.

Our basis

Our foundation is firstly in Commerzbank’s strong global presence, with around 53,000 employees in branches, subsidiaries, equity holdings and representative offices at over 60 locations in more than 50 countries. Secondly, our roots lie in our recognised expertise in foreign trade and export financing.

Commerzbank maintains a world-wide network of correspondent banking relationships and is among the leading banks in global trade finance.


Commerzbank’s international presence has a long tradition going back 140 years. Three years after the establishment of the “Commerz- und Disconto-Bank in Hamburg” in 1870 in Hamburg (our photo shows the original building), Commerzbank was one of the co-founders of the London and Hanseatic Bank. In 1894 Commerzbank joined forces with other banks to establish Banca Commerciale Italiana in Milan. In 1923 it acquired a stake in Kaufmann & Co’s Bank in Amsterdam.

The New York representative office, which has existed since 1967, was converted into a branch – the first branch of a German bank in the US – in 1971. Commerzbank has had a presence in Asia for over 50 years. It opened a representative office in Tokyo back in 1961 and this became a branch in 1977. The representative office established in Singapore in 1970 was turned into a branch in 1990. In addition Commerzbank has also been represented in the long-standing Chinese branches in Hong Kong (since 1979), Shanghai (since 1994) and Beijing (since 1997). There has been a representative office in Moscow since 1976, and Commerzbank Eurasija (SAO) was established there as an operational unit in 1999.

A branch in Prague and a subsidiary in Budapest also joined the Group in the 1990s. As well as the operational locations, our network also offers selected partner banks additional international support and assistance.

Commerzbank has had a presence in Switzerland since 1985. In 2011 the office became a branch for large corporate customers requiring investment banking. The Bank is now building on this by setting up five additional locations in Basel, Berne, Lausanne, Lucerne and St. Gallen, in order to develop long-term business partnerships with Swiss SMEs right the way across Switzerland.


The key question is: What do you expect?

We tailor our services precisely to your requirements and needs, with a focus on comprehensive customer care. We therefore focus consistently on four dimensions: business partnership, understanding of customer requirements, sector and market competence and process adherence.

Business partnership

We want to build a lasting relationship with you that is characterised by openness, reliability and mutual trust in a process of successful and goal-oriented cooperation.

Understanding of customer requirements

Banks need to understand their customers’ business as well as they do their own. Knowledge of your goals and specific situation is indispensable in enabling us to provide tailored advice and relationship management that meets your needs.

Sector and market competence

In close liaison with associations, public authorities and companies, we work to ensure our local advisors have sector competence. They have access to our international research, which also means that current trends can be recognised at an earlier stage and incorporated into advice on a practical level.


Clear structures, short decision-making channels and reliable cooperation between advisors and specialists: these are the hallmarks of our advisory and decision-making processes.

Relationship management model

Competent, needs-based and cross-border

With needs-based solutions, the Mittelstandsbank is your strategic partner in corporate financing, cash management and payment transactions, international business and investment and risk management. Commerzbank corporate customer advisors play an important role in the business partnership, which has a long-term focus.

They are your main contact within your relationship management team and coordinate the entire business relationship between you and us. They therefore have extensive decision-making powers, enabling them to make commitments quickly and reliably. As generalists, corporate customer advisors have a comprehensive overview of both your company’s requirements and of the opportunities for professional financial management at Commerzbank. Working alongside the corporate customer advisor, specialists on cash management and international business, investment and risk management also provide structured financing solutions that are optimally tailored to your requirements.

All the Commerzbank services that you value in Switzerland can be found in the same form in all global branches. Like your corporate customer advisor in Switzerland, the German-speaking relationship managers on the German desks at every international branch of Commerzbank are also focused on your objectives and requirements.

In close consultation with your Swiss corporate customer advisor, cooperation with your subsidiaries and branches is focused on offering strategic support to your company – in order to recognise opportunities at an early stage, exploit them more effectively and participate more intensively in the potential of economically strong regions.

Bank details

Please use the following details for all incoming payments to your Commerzbank Switzerland account:

Bank clearing: 8836 (for domestic payments)


IBAN: You can find your account number in IBAN format on your account statement.

Postal account CHF: 30-622132-9

Postal account EUR: 91-689419-8

Turnover tax ID/VAT no.: CHE-109.979.521


Needs-oriented solutions to every challenge

With Commerzbank as your strategic partner and expert financial services provider, your company benefits from in-depth sector knowledge, broad product expertise and the ability to develop precisely tailored innovative solutions.

We offer you comprehensive and customised solutions for your entire value creation chain, opening up specific optimisation opportunities in each phase – from the first sales negotiation to the receipt of the invoice amount on your account. We also offer you an extensive range of corporate and investment banking services in Switzerland.

International business

Support abroad as a strategic partner

Internationalisation is becoming increasingly important to the success of smaller and medium-sized companies. Anyone who wants to exploit the opportunities of foreign business and reduce the associated risks at the same time needs a partner who will support them in foreign markets, open doors and process foreign business with a high level of competence. Commerzbank offers precisely this performance profile.

We provide you with letters of credit, collections and guarantees as well as our extensive expertise in international business for the payment and securing of your transactions. Since contractual negotiations with your foreign business partners are no longer focused solely on prices, delivery times and product characteristics, we offer you professional solutions that provide liquidity fast as part of structured trade and export financing, also in the case of smaller underlying transactions. You can find more information on this here.

Strategic management through the advisor in Switzerland, practical country-specific implementation in the relevant foreign units – this clear division of tasks is the signature feature of Commerzbank’s cross-border concept. The relationship management model that we offer you in Switzerland supports you in the same way with your international business at our global locations. Your trusted Commerzbank advisor is also your central contact for your overseas operations. Working on the basis of your wishes and requirements, he or she will manage the international specialists and local relationship managers within our customer service teams in your foreign markets.

The German-speaking relationship managers on our German desks in your foreign markets are in constant contact with your corporate customer advisor in Switzerland. As a result of this direct communication you have a reliable partner abroad who knows you and your needs just as well as the local markets and their features.

Further information
Our range of products and services in international business

Range of Global Products Trade Finance & Cash Management


Have all options to hand so you can choose the best

At Commerzbank, besides traditional instruments such as overdrafts, fixed advances and investment loans for medium and longer terms, you benefit from a broad range of financing alternatives suited to your needs.

These include innovative forms of financing right through to customised finance solutions: e.g. club deals, structured acquisition financing or the financing of corporate successions.

On top of that – for your international business – we offer all the options of structured export and trade finance.

On request, we also offer investment banking services. Find out more here.

As part of its commitment to being the best "Mittelstandsbank", Commerzbank's goal is to provide its corporate customers with a reliable supply of liquidity.

This willingness to lend characterises what we understand a business partnership for the long term to be. We draw on our knowledge, consulting expertise and experience to ensure that we always choose and implement, from the variety of financing options on the table, the solutions that best meet your specific needs.

Cash management

Manage accounts and payment flows efficiently

Constantly monitoring your financial status, reliably planning liquidity development and managing it in a targeted way: professional management of accounts and payment flows is a key success factor for companies, and plays a decisive role in minimising risk.

Commerzbank offers you forward-looking solutions that enable you to optimise your cash management and tailor it to the individual requirements of your company. Whether cash management solutions, interbank control of your payment transactions or the settlement of local accounts with interest-optimising effect: our range of services comprises multi-bank-capable payment transaction applications and innovative cash management systems for international companies. In particular, cross-border cash pooling solutions offer considerable optimisation potential for your company.

We also offer you additional web-based solutions in the Commerzbank corporate customer portal, through which we provide you with practical support and advice in managing your liquidity:

  • from procurement and preparation of information
  • to management of current arrangements, liquidity planning
  • and management of money and currency transactions.

Further information
Our range of products and services in cash management

Range of Global Products Trade Finance & Cash Management

Investment management

Focused on your expectations and goals

Whether you want to invest liquidity profitably over the short term, use the services of an asset manager or finance pension obligations, with your capital investment you combine very precise earnings expectations and consideration of your specific circumstances.

In particular, you will take into account term, flexibility, return prospects and risk appetite, which you will define personally. A balanced investment strategy is characterised by diversified investment: money market deposits that are available at any time, fixed-income bond investments, time deposit investments for a high degree of planning security and innovative financial products for opportunity-focused maximisation of returns.

With our broad range of professional investment instruments, we offer you solutions that are designed with your individual needs in mind. We take into account your investment goals and guidelines, as well as special restrictions or provisions that affect particular markets or forms of investment.

The discussion with your corporate customer advisor and Commerzbank investment specialist is an important step in implementing your ideas in a customised, efficient and profitable way.

Further information
Our range of products and services in investment management

Risk management

The basis of your success in treasury

Fluctuating exchange rates or commodities prices and rising interest rates can quickly overturn commercial calculations and significantly influence your business performance. However, professional risk management makes the causes, circumstances and effects of these risk factors transparent. This means that market price risks can be controlled and managed in a targeted way and resulting opportunities can be exploited for your company’s success. In addition to planning security and the hedging of fixed prices, intelligent risk management offers you the opportunity to participate in a wide range of price trends on the currency, interest rate and commodities markets.

Commerzbank’s corporate customer advisors and specialists in hedging strategies support you with extensive expertise and a broad selection of modern financial instruments, tailored to your individual hedging strategy and risk acceptance – in order to systematically limit or eliminate currency, commodities and interest rate risks, or at least keep the impact on liquidity within reasonable limits.

Further information
Our range of products and services in risk management

Investment banking

Your strategic partner in Switzerland

The Swiss team of Corporates & Markets – Commerzbank’s investment management arm – offers extensive expertise in all typical business areas of the capital market. We focus on providing advice on, structuring and distributing capital market solutions and products for institutional customers, banks, insurance companies and asset managers. In close cooperation with Commerzbank’s Swiss corporate customer bank we also offer companies an integrated banking partner, financing and advisory approach at local level.

Further information
Our range of products and services in investment banking


Service based on regional proximity

Following the expansion of the Zurich branch and the establishment of five new locations in Basel, Berne, Lausanne, Lucerne and St. Gallen, Commerzbank now also offers Swiss SMEs the relationship management model in Corporate Banking that has successfully proven its worth in Germany.

You have access to competent corporate customer advisors and product specialists at all locations in Switzerland. They provide solution-focused local relationship management based on regional proximity. We are therefore able to offer companies with annual turnover of at least CHF 15 million a combination of regional proximity and the specialised expertise of a major bank.

Find out now about all the benefits that Commerzbank can offer your company.

Basel Branch

Christine Jambor (co-head of region Northern Switzerland)
+41 61 204 49 12 *

Joost von Minden (co-head of region Northern Switzerland)
+41 61 204 49 10

* Hirschgaesslein 19, CH-4051 Basel

Bern Branch

Klaudia Daffner

+41 31 560 28 10

Bahnhofplatz 5, CH-3001 Bern

Lausanne Branch

Klaudia Daffner (Head of region Western Switzerland)

+41 21 560 39 10

Offices: Avenue Mon-Repos 14, CH-1005 Lausanne; Post: Case postale 82, 1000 Lausanne 22

Lucerne Branch

Olaf Stuehrk (Head of region Central Switzerland)

+41 41 5603310

Alpenquai 28a, CH-6005 Lucerne

St. Gallen Branch

André Merz (Head of region Eastern Switzerland)

+41 71 560 05 10

Vadianstrasse 59 CH-9000 St. Gallen

Zurich Branch

André Merz (Head of region Zurich)

+41 44 563 77 88

Pelikanplatz 15, CH-8034 Zurich

Multinationals and Corporate Clients

Olivier Molenaar (Head of Corporate Banking)

+41 44 5636935

Pelikanplatz 15, CH-8034 Zurich

Service-Hotline for technical questions

+49 69 136 805 27

Mo - Fri from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm (CET)